“ I found your website when I was looking up memorial things I could do with an old leather jacket. You see, my father was very proud to be a Marine. He did two tours during the Vietnam War and although he made it home safe, unlike a lot of his brothers and friends, it did ultimately take his life through the form of cancer from his exposure to Agent Orange. 

He passed away 9 years ago and since then a lot of important things have happened which he has unfortunately missed. My family is from Connecticut and we had the same house for almost thirty years. I moved away to Denver, and my sister to North Carolina. My mom just made the tough decision to sell our family home and go down to North Carolina as well to be closer to my sister. 

A lot of things didn’t make the move, but one thing in particular that we’ve held onto is my dad’s leather jacket. He loved the thing and we just couldn’t find it in ourselves to get rid of it so it’s hung in the closet for the last 9 years until it finally made the journey down to North Carolina.

Last Christmas I got engaged to the love of my life, who will unfortunately never get to meet my dad and my dad will never get to attend our wedding. I know my dad will be there in spirit, but of course I want to have a little piece of him there with us. My aunt had the wonderful idea of sewing part of his beloved jacket into my wedding dress and I LOVE this idea, but I only need a small piece and it breaks my heart to cut up the whole jacket just for that. That’s where YOU come in :)

It would mean the world to me if we could somehow use my dad’s jacket to create one of your beautiful bags for my mom for Christmas, and then if there were any way we could get the scraps back for me to sew inside my wedding dress? I’m attaching photos so you can assess and tell me if it’s possible and for how much.

– Colleen L.


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