“Every second, a garbage truck full of textile waste is burned or sent to landfill. $100 Billion of US material is not recycled every year.”

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Ellen MacArthur & Stella McCartney discuss the circular fashion report “A new textiles economy” released earlier this year by the Circular Fibers Initiative of Ellen MacArthur Foundation. It is a call to arms for the fashion industry to change its business model. The report demands innovation in textile recycling. It demands better, longer lasting materials that don’t pollute the environment and suggests keeping clothes for longer periods of time. It recommends models for sharing clothes such as renting and swapping. It also gives statistics for the path we are on and where we’ll be in the future if we don’t make changes.

This report is so important for our environment and requires consumers, business owners, and policy makers to be on board. It is imperative that this conversation be moved into action on a worldwide scale.

Here is a TED talk given by Ellen MacArthur talking about her inspiration for starting her foundation.

Shannon South bags fall into the category of circular fashion because they use pre-consumer waste from the leather industry. Remade USA bags are also circular because they use post-consumer waste.

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