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Shannon South, Founder & Designer

Remade USA was founded in 2009 by Shannon South, a product designer by training and a minimalist at heart. She had never been a big consumer of products and found herself conflicted by the idea of adding new ones to a world that was already overflowing with stuff. After moving around several times, she started noticing the only things she was hanging on to were the ones that had meaning for her – memories of certain events, experiences or people.

 Shannon had a vintage leather jacket that she hadn’t worn in ages. She also had an obsession with handbags – making and designing them. Remade USA was born out as an experiment with an old jacket. She loved the result and got a ton of compliments on it. Soon after, Shannon was combing every thrift store in San Francisco looking for jackets that had nice leather and interesting details. Within a month of launching her website, she had her first order from Barney’s New York.

Our Vision

Remade USA is a progressively minded company that dreams of a better world where all beings are equal and our planet is treated with respect and love. 

Get in Touch

If you have an old leather jacket you can’t bear to throw away, but haven’t used in years, let’s talk. Send us your story and a photo of your jacket.

“We received the bag last week and it’s gorgeous. Just love it. Thank you so much. My sister-in-law will love it. The quality is beautiful and we received it so quickly I couldn’t believe it.”

-Marnie A.

“I want to THANK YOU for the most beautiful bag – it is PERFECT. I have looked at leather bags for years now but never found one I really liked. This one fits the bill- I absolutely love the work(woman)ship. I love the way you purposed the pockets on the outside…can you tell i just really LOVE this bag? Seems silly, but, every time I use it (i.e. every day) I’m delighted. Thank you for your great work!”

-Christine H.

I picked up the bag today and it is even more beautiful in person! The strap and everything look fantastic and I know it is going to make the best diaper bag and then continue on to be a gorgeous purse that I will use forever. Thank you. I appreciate it so much :) Have a great day!”

– Leah B.

“I just got my bags today! I am speechless! They are so awesome I can’t even describe! I love them! I love them! I love them! You even made some bookmarks! Thank you so much for everything! Your work is truly outstanding! I wish you all the success! Take care!”

– Joana R.

“Thank you so much for the bag! I don’t know what to say but just “wow”. I went shopping with it today … oh my god, so perfect!! I was so proud of my unique bag, indeed!! When I found a small butterfly on it, I couldn’t stop smiling as … for me, the butterfly means my grandma who passed away last April. Your bag is now one of my favorites! I really love it!”

– Shima N.

“I got my bag today. It is so beautiful. And what’s so amazing is, even though it’s its own, unique creation now, all the details you used are echoes of the lovely leather jacket that it was breaking my heart not to wear anymore. Thank you, thank you, thank you – you gave my jacket new life! Now I get to wear it all over again!”

– Megan D.

“Just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely loving my new bag! Thank you again for all your help!”

– Angela M.

“My bag arrived on Friday and I have been toting it around ever since….I absolutely love the style and the beautiful workmanship….it is hard to believe that this jacket hung in the closet for six years and that you brought it back to life along with the many fond memories…..I will always treasure it….thank you so much.”

– Paulette L.

“I received the purse and clutch the other day and I absolutely love them. My purse came out so wonderful!!!! I can’t thank you enough, you did such a great job! I’m telling everyone I know about it. Thank you!!!”

– Kara T.

“I love it, I love everything about it! Thank you for a beautiful job! Now, I just need to get busy traveling.”

– Judi G.

“The bag arrived and is absolutely beautiful…thank you again for your creativity and hard work. I’ve been sharing your website and Facebook page with all of my friends….I love the fact that my bag showed up on the home page of Ethical Style!”

– Karen L.

“I asked Shannon to look at my old suede jacket to see if it could be recreated as a hobo tote. The most important thing to be salvaged was the patches that represented the company I worked for and all the customers I have worked with. I had no idea if it could be done and certainly no idea of how it might look. Shannon said she thought she could do something with it and I mailed it to her to see what would come if it all. When I received the package returned after it was complete and I opened the box I was amazed at how she had not only saved the patches but actually incorporated them in to the design of the bag. I absolutely love it and I’m very happy that I can continue to enjoy my reclaimed jacket for years to come.”

– BJ W.

“I am so grateful to Shannon. She took my Dads jackets and upcycled them into a duffle and two totes. The attention to detail and creativity are incredible. Worth every penny. I could not be happier and I think my Dad would be thrilled that I’m now using his Harley Davidson and government issue jackets daily.”

-Jennifer D.

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