I met the beautiful Kirsten Muenster a couple years ago when I was living in San Francisco and I liked her immediately. As I was early on in my business, it was so good to meet another designer who I had so much in common with. She is just as dedicated to sustainability in her work as I am and is so great to share ideas with. We run our businesses very similarly. Most of our work is one-of-kind and made in-house, with a few things being locally outsourced.

Kirsten is a metalsmith and artist who crafts breathtakingly beautiful jewelry from the most interesting and sustainable sources possible. She is always on the lookout for strange and incredible materials to incorporate into her pieces. Petrified woods, fossilized tusks and bones are only a few examples of the types of materials she uses for her “stones”. She only uses recycled metals and knows the history behind every material she incorporates into her pieces.

Kirsten’s most recent work is a collection of incredibly intricate hand crafted chains (above photos). She hand forms each and every link of these necklaces and bracelets, creating incredibly beautiful patterns that remind me of knitting. Each one is hand coiled, hand cut and shaped into place to create a very strong pattern of links – the ends line up seamlessly because they are cut by hand – so they actually have a very clean appearance.  I can’t even imagine the tedious amount of work that goes into each piece.

Kirsten Muenster Jewelry

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