My newest collection is made from gorgeous nubuck, a luxurious finely sueded leather. I’m so excited about this new Tala clutch, a “happy accident” in the studio. I was making a Cheyenne tote and had just finished the patchwork. It was laying on my table and looked so nice flat that I started playing around and folding it in different ways. Voila! Tala was born.

I am so in love with that Isabel Marant top – it’s from last season and I think it can even be found on sale somewhere. If my closet were everything on the internet, this would be my perfect fall outfit for going out in the city.

1. R1001W by Satomi Kawakita, $960
2. Agora Knitted Poncho by Isabel Marant, $1170
3. Ridge Pendant by Laura Lombardi, $120
4. Tala Clutch by Shannon South, $225
5. Suede Pumps with Bow by Isabel Marant, $620
6. Svelte Jean by Rogan, $198

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